If something doesn't work but it doesn't crash, check the /tmp/gomuks/debug.log file for any errors. You can override the location of this file with the DEBUG_DIR environment variable.


Set DEBUG=1 to enable partial deadlock detection and to write panics to stdout instead of a file.

To build and run with race detection, use go install -race and set GORACE='history_size=7 log_path=/tmp/gomuks/race.log' when starting gomuks, then check /tmp/gomuks/race.log.<pid>. Note that race detection will use a lot of extra resources.

Proper debuggers are too fancy, but normal prints won't work in a TUI application. To write to the debug log mentioned previously, use the package:

package foo

import (

func Foo() {
	debug.Print("WHY ISN'T IT WORKING?!?!?")