Installing a package

The releases on GitHub contain binaries and debian packages:

GitLab CI builds binaries for each commit: (currently available for linux/amd64, linux/arm, linux/arm64, darwin/amd64, darwin/arm64 and windows/amd64).

The release and CI binaries for Linux and Windows are statically built and have no dependencies at all. The binaries for macOS require installing libolm, either with brew install libolm or by placing libolm.3.dylib from the CI in the same directory as the gomuks binary.

There are also community maintained packages for several distributions. If you've made a new distro package, please add it to the list below.

Compiling from source

  1. Install Go 1.13 or higher.
    • If you want end-to-end encryption, also install libolm-dev (3.x required, 2.x won't work) and C/C++ compilers.
    • If you don't want encryption, disable CGO with export CGO_ENABLED=0.
  2. Clone the repo: git clone && cd gomuks
  3. Build: go build (alternatively, use go install to build to $GOPATH/bin instead of the current directory)

Simply pull changes (git pull) and run go build again to update.