Ctrl and Alt are interchangeable in most keybindings, but the other one may not work depending on your terminal emulator.

  • Switch rooms: Ctrl + , Ctrl +
  • Scroll chat (page): PgUp, PgDown
  • Jump to room: Ctrl + K, type part of a room's name, then Tab and Enter to navigate and select room
  • Plaintext mode: Ctrl + L
  • Newline: Alt + Enter
  • Autocompletion: Tab (emojis, usernames, room aliases and commands)

Editing messages

and can be used at the start and end of the input area to jump to edit the previous or next message respectively.

Selecting messages

After using commands that require selecting messages (e.g. /reply and /redact), you can move the selection with and confirm with Enter.


  • Click to select message (for commands such as /reply that act on a message)
  • Ctrl + click on image to open in your default image viewer (xdg-open)
  • Click on a username to insert a mention of that user into the composer