Plugins can request an instance-specific SQL database.

Maubot supports two types of databases: SQLAlchemy (legacy) and asyncpg/aiosqlite (new). The SQLAlchemy mode is deprecated and not documented.

Note that the new asyncpg system requires maubot 0.3.0 or higher.

Quick start

Update maubot.yaml to tell the server that your plugin wants a database:

database: true
database_type: asyncpg

The database connector will be provided in the database property. The type is mautrix.util.async_db.Database, which emulates asyncpg's pool interface. For legacy plugins (with database_type unset or set to sqlalchemy), the database property contains an SQLAlchemy engine.

For details on the methods available in the Database class, see Database API reference.

You can also find an example plugin in the maubot repo: examples/database/

Schema upgrades

mautrix-python includes a simple framework for versioning the schema. The migrations are simply Python functions which are registered in an UpgradeTable. By default, the migrations are registered in order and each one bumps the version by 1. The example below would result in the version table containing 2.

from mautrix.util.async_db import UpgradeTable, Scheme

upgrade_table = UpgradeTable()

@upgrade_table.register(description="Initial revision")
async def upgrade_v1(conn: Connection, scheme: Scheme) -> None:
    if scheme == Scheme.SQLITE:
        await conn.execute(
            """CREATE TABLE foo (
                test INTEGER PRIMARY KEY
        await conn.execute(
            """CREATE TABLE foo (

@upgrade_table.register(description="Add text column")
async def upgrade_v2(conn: Connection) -> None:
    await conn.execute("ALTER TABLE foo ADD COLUMN text TEXT DEFAULT 'hi'")

After you have an UpgradeTable, you need to expose it from your plugin class so maubot knows to use it:

from mautrix.util.async_db import UpgradeTable
from maubot import Plugin

from .migrations import upgrade_table

class DatabasefulBot(Plugin):
    def get_db_upgrade_table(cls) -> UpgradeTable:
        return upgrade_table

Maubot will then run the migrations always before starting your bot.