Passive command handlers

Passive commands are command handlers that don't follow a strict syntax like !command <arguments>, but instead just match some regular expressions anywhere in a message.

Passive commands are created using the @command.passive(regex) decorator. The regex is a required argument. It can either be a string (in which case maubot will compile it) or a pre-re.compile'd Pattern object.

from typing import Tuple
from maubot import Plugin, MessageEvent
from maubot.handlers import command

class PassiveBot(Plugin):
  async def command(self, evt: MessageEvent, match: Tuple[str]) -> None:
    await evt.react("🐈️")

Handler parameters

Like command handlers, the first parameter is the MessageEvent object. In addition to that, passive commands always have a second parameter. By default, the parameter is a tuple where the first element is the full match, and the following elements are individual capture groups. If the multiple flag is set, then the parameter is an array containing one or more such tuples.

@command.passive() parameters


This defines which field to run the regex against in the event content. The parameter is a function that takes a single argument, the event object. The default value will return evt.content.body (i.e. the plaintext body of the message).



event_type and msgtypes

These work the same way as in

case_insensitive, multiline and dot_all

These parameters enable regex flags. They only apply if you pass a string instead of a compiled pattern as the regex. They set the re.IGNORECASE , re.MULTILINE and re.DOTALL flags respectively.