mbc auth

The mbc auth command can be used to log into Matrix accounts. It also has a --register flag, but that's currently broken.

To log in with mbc auth, first make sure you have your homeserver listed in the registration_secrets section in the maubot config (the secret can be empty). If you haven't used the mbc tool before, log into your maubot instance with mbc login. Finally, run mbc auth and fill in the parameters:

  • The homeserver is the dictionary key, i.e. server name (not URL) from the registration_secrets config.
  • The username can be either the username or full user ID, that doesn't matter.
  • The password is the password.

If the command says "Registration target server not found", it means you didn't add the server to registration_secrets properly or didn't enter the correct name in mbc.

Finally, use the generated access token to create or update your client in the management web interface.