class mautrix.client.Client

Bases: mautrix.client.EncryptingAPI, mautrix.client.Syncer

Client is a high-level wrapper around the client API.

__init__(*args, sync_store=None, state_store=None, **kwargs)

Initialize a ClientAPI. You must either provide the api parameter with an existing mautrix.api.HTTPAPI instance, or provide the base_url and other arguments for creating it as kwargs.

  • mxid – The Matrix ID of the user. This is used for things like setting profile metadata. Additionally, the homeserver domain is extracted from this string and used for setting aliases and such. This can be changed later using set_mxid.

  • device_id – The device ID corresponding to the access token used.

  • api – The mautrix.api.HTTPAPI instance to use. You can also pass the kwargs to create a HTTPAPI instance rather than creating the instance yourself.

  • kwargs – If api is not specified, then the arguments to pass when creating a HTTPAPI.

  • sync_store (Optional[mautrix.client.SyncStore]) –

  • state_store (Optional[mautrix.client.StateStore]) –

Return type


property crypto: crypt.OlmMachine | None

The crypto.OlmMachine to use for e2ee stuff.