Relaying with webhooks

New in version 0.2.0

The bridge supports using Discord's webhook feature to relay messages from Matrix users who haven't logged into the bridge.

Webhook relays can be used regardless of how you logged into Discord, a bot is not required. However, in the future the bridge may include additional relay integration using a bot.


To enable relaying in a room, use !discord set-relay. The command requires a parameter, which can either be --create [name] or --url <url>.

  • !discord set-relay --create will create a new webhook. You must be logged into the bridge as a user or bot that has privileges to create webhooks in on the Discord side.
    • You can optionally pass a name for the webhook after the command, e.g. !discord set-relay --create matrix bridge. The default name is "mautrix". Note that the name may not contain "discord".
  • !discord set-relay --url will use the given webhook URL for relaying.
    • You can optionally specify a room ID before --url to run the command in a private room (and avoid leaking the webhook secret to everyone else in the room being bridged), e.g. !discord set-relay ! --url