Welcome to the mautrix-imessage docs!

mautrix-imessage is a Matrix-iMessage puppeting bridge. The bridge has three different ways to connect to iMessage:

  • Normal Mac. Built into mautrix-imessage. Uses AppleScript to send, reads the iMessage SQLite database to receive, and uses Contacts.framework for contact list access.
  • Mac with SIP disabled. Uses Barcelona to hook into Apple's private iMessage frameworks on a Mac. Requires disabling SIP and AMFI to be able to hook into private frameworks.
  • Jailbroken iOS. Uses Brooklyn to hook into Apple's private iMessage frameworks on a jailbroken iOS device. 32-bit support has been deprecated, Barcelona can be used on newer iOS devices.
  • Additionally, there's android-sms, an Android app that implements the same IPC protocol as Brooklyn and Barcelona to bridge SMS from an Android phone.

You can find setup instructions for each of the connectors in the sidebar.

This bridge essentially has to be self-hosted, so you likely won't find public instances on normal Matrix servers. However, if you have a Beeper account, you can self-host the bridge using bbctl without self-hosting a Matrix server.


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