1. Open a private chat with the bridge bot. Usually @googlechatbot:your.server.
  2. Open in a private browser window and log in normally, then extract cookies:
    1. Press F12 to open developer tools.
    2. select the "Application" (Chrome) or "Storage" (Firefox) tab.
    3. In the sidebar, expand "Cookies" and select
    4. In the cookie list, find the COMPASS, SSID, SID, OSID and HSID rows.
      • When using Firefox, you may have multiple COMPASS cookies with different paths. Pick the one where path is /.
    5. Form a JSON object with the extracted cookies. It should look something like this (field names are case-insensitive):
        "compass": "dynamite-ui=...",
        "ssid": "...",
        "sid": "...",
        "osid": "...",
        "hsid": "..."
    6. Close the browser window to prevent the cookies being invalidated (Google uses refresh tokens, so you need to close the window within a few minutes).
  3. Send login-cookie {the json object} to the bot.
  4. Recent chats should now get portals automatically. Other chats will get portals as you receive messages.