Python tips

This page collects various details about Python and how maubot uses modern Python features. It is not yet ready, but the info below might already be of some use.


maubot and mautrix-python use the asyncio library in Python 3. This means that everything is single-threaded, but still asynchronous.

When writing a plugin that interacts with some network service, it is strongly recommended to use asyncio libraries for that interaction. If you use a traditional synchronous library, it will block everything else running on the same maubot instance.

For example, if you need to make HTTP requests, use aiohttp instead of requests. Plugins have convenient access to an aiohttp client instance through the http property in the plugin base class.

If there are no asyncio libraries available for the thing you want to do, you can run the synchronous methods in a separate thread using asyncio's built-in run_in_executor with a ThreadPoolExecutor.

If you haven't used asyncio before, you may want to read a guide on the topic before developing maubot plugins. Some potentially good ones are:

Type hints

Most of the methods in maubot and mautrix-python have proper type hints. Even Matrix events are parsed into convenient type-hinted objects. Using an editor that provides autocompletion based on type hints is recommended.