Relay mode

Some of the bridges here support relaying messages for unauthenticated users through the account that another Matrix user is logged in as.

  1. Enable relay mode by setting bridgerelayenabled to true in the bridge config. Also make sure that the users you want to invite have at least the relay level in the permissions section.
  2. Log into the bridge normally using the relaybot account.
    • If you want a separate remote account for the relaybot while using your own account for your own Matrix user, you should make a dedicated Matrix account for the relaybot. If you do this, make sure to run the next command using the new Matrix account too.
    • Using the same dedicated account for multiple bridges is fine, so you can have a server-wide "relay" account that acts as the relay for all the bridges.
  3. Run !prefix set-relay in the chats where you want to use the relaybot. (replace !prefix with the appropriate command prefix for the bridge, like !signal or !wa)
  4. Use !prefix set-pl 100 to be able to modify room settings and invite others.

If you want to bridge existing rooms, you'll have to manually update the mxid column in the portal table to point to the room you want bridged.

Note that reactions from relayed users will not be bridged at all, because the bot wouldn't be able to bridge sender info nor multiple reactions of the same emoji.

Support table

Minimum bridge versions that support the relay system documented above.

TelegramDifferent system
Google Chatnot yet supported
Twitternot yet supported
Google Messagesnot yet supported
DiscordDifferent system
Slacknot yet supported (will likely use different system)

† iMessage doesn't require set-relay, relay mode is enabled in all chats automatically if enabled in the config. The permissions section is replaced with relay -> whitelist.