iMessage bridge setup (iOS)


  • A jailbroken iOS device, minimum and recommended is iPhone 4S with iOS 8.4(.1).
  • A Matrix homeserver that supports application services (e.g. Synapse). You need access to register an appservice, which usually involves editing the homeserver config file.
  • A websocket proxy to receive appservice transactions.


The bridge consists of two components: Brooklyn for connecting to iMessage and mautrix-imessage for connecting to Matrix. The Brooklyn app runs mautrix-imessage as a subprocess and they communicate over stdio.

The recommended way to install the app is getting a precompiled build from the Cydia repo. You can technically also compile everything yourself, but that is less documented.

Compiling manually

There are instructions for compiling Brooklyn in the GitHub repo.

Compiling mautrix-imessage for darwin/armv7 is more complicated and not currently documented. For more recent devices (i.e. armv8/arm64), it should be as simple as compiling mautrix-imessage on a Mac with Apple Silicon.

Precompiled builds

You can get the Brooklyn app with a bundled mautrix-imessage from the Cydia repo. The repo is currently available at (repo URL subject to change). After adding the repo in Cydia, simply install the "Brooklyn" package from the repo.

Configuring and running

  1. Get the example config and fill it out. You'll at least need to:
    • Fill everything in the homeserver section.
    • Set bridge -> user to your MXID.
    • Change imessage -> platform to ios.
    • Generate random tokens for the as_token and hs_token fields.
  2. Get the example registration and copy the relevant values from the config.
  3. Set up mautrix-wsproxy.
  4. Add the path to the registration file to your Synapse homeserver.yaml under app_service_config_files, then restart Synapse.
  5. Serve the config file with the webserver of your choice. It's recommended to use a random file name or add HTTP basic auth to prevent other people from reading your config.
  6. Generate a QR code with the URL to your config (e.g. echo -n | qrencode -t ansiutf8).
  7. Scan the QR code with Brooklyn.