Migrating from mautrix-facebook

  1. Either create a new database for mautrix-meta, or rename the old one and create a new one with the original name.
  2. Configure mautrix-meta normally. You must use the same bot username and username template to migrate old chats. You can also just reuse the same registration file, as long as you keep the same hostname/port and as/hs_token.
    • You can't use the same config file as mautrix-facebook, make a new one and copy the relevant values.
    • Don't start the bridge yet.
  3. Run ./mautrix-meta --db-migrate-from postgres://user:pass@host/olddb (or --db-migrate-from /path/to/old.db for SQLite).
  4. Optionally, manually transfer the tables starting with crypto_ (just pg_dump + import to new db for each table).
  5. Run the bridge normally.

mautrix-instagram can not be migrated, you just have to delete the rooms and start with a fresh db. You can still reuse the username template if you want to.