Upgrading to v0.2.0

Version 0.2.0 of the bridge includes some major breaking changes:

  • It uses a completely different Messenger API, which means that all users will have to log in again to keep using the bridge. Logging in happens using email and password instead of stealing cookies like before.
    • v0.2.1 includes a web-based login interface that encrypts your password in-browser to prevent the bridge from seeing it.
  • There are database schema changes that can not be reversed. Taking a backup before upgrading is recommended. Additionally, only PostgreSQL is supported, see below for SQLite migration instructions.

SQLite migration

If you're using SQLite and want to keep your existing portal rooms, you must migrate the database to Postgres first. If you don't care about keeping existing portal rooms, you can use clean-rooms for cleaning up old portals and enable backfilling in the config to get message history in the new portals.

The bridge includes a simple script similar to mautrix-telegram's DBMS migration:

$ python -m mautrix_facebook.db.legacy_migrate -f <source db> -t <target db>

Both <source db> and <target db> are full database URLs, e.g. sqlite:///mautrix-facebook.db and postgres://user:password@localhost/mautrixfacebook


  1. Stop the bridge and update to v0.2.0
  2. Update the database URI in the config
  3. Initialize the new database with alembic upgrade head
  4. Run the database migration script
  5. Start the bridge again